Proact Cloud – Infrastructure as a service, it is an opportunity to reduce your IT costs by leaving care for server installation, hardware, deployment and maintenance of ours.
Data backup and recovery is still a challenge as data volumes are increasing. The Proact service provides data security, backup and recovery, and it’s very cost effective.
Disaster Recovery as a service, it’s an opportunity to ensure business continuity through advanced data replication technology and Proact’s many years of experience.
Proact offered service is specialt that dedicated servers ar connected to our Enterprise Class storage. Within this service, Proact provides technical support 24/7.
The Docker service is an opportunity to use the popular application containerization solution, focusing on developing its own application and leaving care for the Docker platform in terms of Proact’s technical expertise.
The most common use of MaaS is the real-time monitoring which continuously tracks certain statuses of applications, networks, systems, cases or elements that can be deployed in the cloud.
Affordable Object Data Warehouse over S3 protocol. Designed for storing large amounts of information – archives, backups with a long shelf life and etc. In the Proact offer, traffic is not charged.
A solution to backup your Microsoft 365 data from the Microsoft cloud. This offer is response to a recommendation from Microsoft to create such copies, because Microsoft 365 does not guarantee the safety of customer data.